3 Reasons to Choose Worldwide Commercial

With the ever-changing economic landscape in commercial real estate, it’s important to do your research and due diligence when picking a commercial real estate broker. While many might be attracted to the name of a large platform commercial real estate firm, the one-stop shop experience leaves much to be desired. At Worldwide Commercial (WWC) we pride ourselves on being a boutique commercial real estate firm providing unique individual experiences for each of our clients. At WWC, we have three principles of excellence that differentiate our firm from the competitors whether big or small, which include:

  • Stability and Reputation
  • Robust Network
  • World-Class Customer Service

Stability and Reputation within the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Worldwide Commercial has been a pillar of the north Texas community for over 7 years. Recognized by D Magazine, Jerad Rector, President of Worldwide Commercial, ranked in the top commercial real estate professionals in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Peers and clients alike recognize WWC for their stability and solid reputation in the industry with their 5 star rating earned through client reviews. Not only are clients providing them with positive reviews, but WWC’s repeat business averages 80% over the last 7 years.

Robust Nationwide Network and Referrals

WWC’s outstanding reputation builds upon their robust worldwide network. Our philosophy isn’t to just stay connected but to be a valuable source for other professionals in the industry. This allows us to help our clients through the process by making referrals for real estate lawyers, property inspectors, accountants, architects, general contractors, lenders and many others.

Not only do we have a robust network of professionals in the industry to make referrals, but more importantly we have a nationwide network of potential investors. Tapping into our network of investors has helped our clients earn millions of more dollars when selling a property than when using other brokerage firms.  Specifically, our client, BNC Equities, realized $1.7 million more by partnering with WWC’s team to sell their multi-family property versus several national brokerage firms’ BOV’s.

Exceeding Expectation thru World-Class Customer Service

At WWC, our top differentiator of our boutique commercial real estate firm is our world-class service. It goes beyond the traditional client/vendor relationship to a true partnership. In providing a high touch customer service model, this also means we go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs, even if it means having a broad imagination to fit our client’s investment parameters.

We take tedious measures to thoroughly research our clients’ needs and wants as well as tap into our local market knowledge to match the proper investor to investment. In one case, our research indicated that a listing had a much higher value then previously listed by a national brokerage firm. Through our unique marketing approach and world-class customer service, we achieved a 20% higher disposition price for our client, Five Star of Ridgmar, than the prior brokerage’s list price.

Our three principles of excellence set us apart from our competitors. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next project.

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